Welcome to my new website of my adventures in all things genealogy and family history. I hope you grab a cup of tea, stay a while and please introduce yourself.

For many years, I have stayed pretty much on the sidelines when it came to genealogy and family history research. I have always been drawn to it but intimidated at the same time. Being African American, knowing the inevitable “walls” I might face have contributed to my reluctance to dive right in and do it. I have bought books (which I never finish) and poked around at the tires but never got into the driver’s seat.

I would like to use this site to connect with the amazing community of researchers and family historians to embark on the wonderful journey of finding my people.  I will also use this site to document my ups and downs of the adventure to keep me motivated as well as motivate others that might feel like I do at the beginning of their journey. I welcome tips and tricks and recommendations so don’t be shy.  So fasten your seat belts (yup, I’m still going with the car metaphor) and come take a ride on my genealogy adventures!